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PAS 24 approved hardware

Dedicated galvanised reinforcement

No glass bonding

Dedicated sash profile

Low maintenance design

Single and double door options

Key Features

Imitates Traditional Profiles

Our uPVC flush doors imitate the look of authentic timber without compromising on the modern benefits. They are a fantastic alternative to timber and aluminium doors.


Smooth Functionality

We supply our flush doors with customers in mind. We guarantee a smooth functionality, which is sure to keep working throughout thousands of opening cycles.



Your customers won’t have to worry about wet weather making its way into their Staffordshire home. Our uPVC flush doors will help properties stay protected.


Stylish uPVC Flush Doors

uPVC flush doors are styled and geared towards heritage properties in Stoke-On-Trent, Crewe, Stafford, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Cheshire and Staffordshire. Although more traditional, these doors will suit customers who want new doors for their new build, modern or contemporary property.

The door range we supply to Stoke-On-Trent and Staffordshire tradespeople are defined by their sash fitting flush within the frame. This door design has been inspired by traditional timber joinery. This ensures that it blends in perfectly if your customer has a heritage home or even property within a conservation area.

Traditional timber doors look authentic, but cause many issues for homeowners. Our uPVC flush doors resemble these classic timber doors without any of the hassle that comes with them. Homeowners will enjoy a uPVC door that won’t warp, crack, discolour, bow or rot over time. Your customers live a busy life, and these doors offer all the aesthetic with none of the maintenance. That is sure to appeal.

Not only are these uPVC flush doors easy to maintain, but they also have a long and full lifespan. Having a durable flush door that is sure to last the test of time will save you time on aftercare and will help raise customer satisfaction.

Supply Only Flush Doors Staffordshire

Our colour options for our uPVC flush doors provide customers with the freedom to achieve the perfect look for their home. These colours won’t fade or crack over time.

Flush Fitting Doors Stoke-On-Trent

Low thresholds are ideal for those who struggle to get around easily. It will help access for those who have to use a wheelchair or pushchair in their day to day life.

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To further enhance the security on these doors, our uPVC flush doors can be fitted with a tamper proof gearbox, integrated bottom shoot bolt with two top shoot bolt sizes.


More Information

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uPVC Flush Door Safety

Utilising premium grade uPVC materials, with our doors you can ensure total peace of mind to your customers that their Staffordshire homes and families are safe.

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uPVC Flush Door Efficiency

We know your customers are concerned about reducing their carbon emissions. The uPVC flush doors we supply are thermally efficient, saving your customers money.

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uPVC Flush Door Durability

The reinforced double glazing will make these uPVC flush doors almost impossible to remove externally. Even the most determined intruders will be stopped from entering a Stoke-On-Trent property.


Why Choose Us?

At Hanley Trade Frames, the flush doors we supply to the trade capture the beautiful aesthetics of timber doors, without any of the maintenance headaches. Staffordshire homeowners are always looking for ways to make their life easier without compromising on price and style.

Due to their timeless appeal, our uPVC flush doors can be tailored to suit both modern and traditional projects alike. This is made possible through a wide range of colours, finishes, and hardware options. Customers can customise these uPVC flush doors to ensure they perfectly meet the requirements of their home and family. The amount of control will be a huge asset to you and will attract new clients.

You can use our trade supply services for a comprehensive array of home improvement products. In addition to our uPVC doors, we have a range of alternatives, including composite and aluminium profiles. All of which come with efficient lead times and are crafted using premium grade materials.


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Use our online quoting engine to request an estimated uPVC flush door price on any device. If you own a home in the Stoke-On-Trent or Staffordshire area and are interested in our uPVC flush doors, get in touch with us today. You can get in contact with our sister company, who are experienced in installing uPVC flush doors in modern and traditional homes in the area.

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