17 June 2022

Trickle Vent Regulations 2022

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Trickle Vent Regulations 2022

Trickle Vent Regulations 2022

Any windows installed after the 15th June 2022 will have to comply with the new trickle vent regulations. The aim of these new regulations is to ensure every home receives adequate ventilation through trickle vents that have to be positioned in the upper frame of a window or door. Even when a window or door is closed, this new addition will still allow correct ventilation.

Document F

Document F details the means of ventilation. The new trickle vent regulations 2022 outline a series of criteria that must be met in order to achieve the correct amount of ventilation for a property.

  1. Ventilation in windows and doors must extract excess water vapour, air pollutants and condensation. This is particularly important in areas where this is more likely to happen, including kitchens and bathrooms. This is to ensure excess condensation doesn’t spread to other areas of a building.
  2. A minimum level of air must be supplied from the outside into a dwelling. This is vital for the health of the occupant and to reduce air pollution in a confined space.
  3. New trickle vents must significantly reduce indoor air pollutants and disperse water vapour effectively. This is necessary for all habitable rooms of a property.
  4. External air pollutants must be kept to a minimum to prevent them from staying within the confined space of a dwelling.
  5. As well as these points above, new trickle vents must improve soundproofing by keeping noises at low levels. They must also be a low maintenance solution whilst providing protection from cold draughts.

The new trickle regulations aim to protect the health of homeowners by providing just the right amount of ventilation in a building. Not only will this prevent excess air pollution from making its way into a space, but it will also eliminate future problems concerning mould and damp. It is imperative that any windows and doors installed after the 15th June 2022 must contain trickle vents.

Whole Dwelling Ventilation

Continuous air should be delivered into a building via one of the following means in order to meet the latest trickle vent regulations:

  • Continuous supply fans
  • Background ventilators

What Is Purge Ventilation?

A system that allows for purge ventilation should be available in every habitable room of a property. The purpose of purge ventilation is to allow four air changes per hour per room directly to the outside of a property. Purge ventilation can be achieved via one of the following means:

  • Window or door openings
  • A mechanical extract ventilation system

Part F

Part F of the new regulations requires trickle vents to be in place for any new windows or doors that are installed in existing homes after the 15th June 2022. The government website has all the new building regulation documents ready to download and read.

Part L

Part L of the new building regulations concerns U-values and airtightness. As a measure of energy efficiency, our windows and doors currently have extremely low U-values. With the new regulations in place, it is now expected windows will have U-values as low as 1.2, with the target for doors being 1.4.

Double Glazing Prices Stoke On Trent

The double glazing products we manufacture contain trickle vents to comply with the latest building regulations. As of the 15th June 2022, all the double glazing products we supply will adhere to these new rules.

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