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Weatherproof design

Durable and sturdy

Multipoint locking systems

Wide range of configurations

Enhanced levels of security

Customisation options available

Key Features

Enhanced Security

The safety of your customers is always a priority. Our doors come with roller cams, multipoint hook bolts and a comprehensive 8-point locking system.



Wind and rain exposure will not be a problem with our doors. We ensure our full range is watertight, weatherproof and durable in all conditions.



No one enjoys noise pollution, but with our uPVC doors, external sound volume can be reduced to half as much as other materials, giving your homeowners peace and quiet.


Doors Walsall

You can ensure a Walsall property’s first impression is the right one with our doors. Your customer needs to be sure that their family, friends and peers will be impressed by their Walsall property the moment they arrive, which is why a quality front door is important.

We manufacture various styles and colours of doors, each of them bespoke and alluring on their own terms. Your customer can choose from aluminium, uPVC and composite materials for their doors. Each material has strengths and benefits regarding security and noise pollution, and our expert team is on hand to explain the differences. Contact us to find out more; we’re happy to help!

The locking mechanisms we integrate with our doors are all Secured by Design accredited, verifying the security they offer. Our range has been constructed from the design stage with modern burglary techniques in mind to minimise weaknesses. Your customers can rest assured that our doors will protect their Walsall property.

Every door in the Hanley line features multi-functional weatherseals welded with precision at the corners. This detail will ensure the weather stays outside and the home stays energy efficient. The composite doors are also installed with a GRP skin, which protects the Walsall property from adverse weather conditions. Our doors will keep your customers’ homes warm and dry. Contact us for more info!

aluminium bifold door crewe

We offer many different bead options. Tradespeople can provide modern and period properties with chamfered and decorative bead installations.

upvc door styles crewe

Whether your customer wants an extravagant form of glass, or something simpler and more private, we offer a range of options and can install double glazing or triple glazing.

upvc doors trade crewe

We recognise how different Walsall properties each have a unique aesthetic and design, and we offer a variety of colours. We can also use woodgrain finishes to replicate an easy-to-maintain timber finish.


More Information

Doors Composite Walsall

Minimal Aftercare

Once your customer’s new door is installed, they won’t want to dedicate more time and stress to keeping it bespoke. Our premium-grade materials guarantee no more than an occasional cloth wipe to maintain.

Doors uPVC Walsall

Original Styles

We pride ourselves on the versatility of our Walsall doors styles and materials. Whatever your customers are looking for, we’re sure to have something perfect for them.

Doors Aluminium Walsall

Market Leading Performance

We’re always looking to stay on top of the latest engineering and technology developments to ensure our doors remain the top standard for the industry. All-round function and style excellence will be a guarantee for your customers.

Quality Guaranteed

Why Choose Us?

Hanley Trade Frames comprises a philosophy and understanding of the double glazing industry drawn from over 25 years of experience. We understand the needs of Walsall-based tradespeople in providing the highest quality doors for their customers, and we will form a team with you dedicated to your customers’ satisfaction.

We’re proud to have a sterling reputation in your local area and are passionate about maintaining it. We will work hard to provide you with the best possible service, and our aluminium, composite and uPVC doors will be of market-leading quality. Take your projects to the next level with us.

Our range of doors will be designed not just for style and function but also for reliability and durability. Hanley Trade Frames endeavours to provide products that will last for decades at their peak condition, proving a smart investment for your customers’ present and future alike.

Our products are not only limited to one place but we are also available in Cheshire, West Midlands, Crewe, Wolverhampton, Birmingham and surrounding areas.


Door Prices Walsall

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