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Conservatory Roofs Crewe

Upgrade your conservatory roofs project in Crewe with Hanley Trade Frames. We are proud to work with Guardian to supply outstanding tiled and glass conservatory roofs for your projects. Or, if you're looking for a compromise between the insulation of a tiled roof and the brightness of a glass roof, a high quality roof lantern can be the perfect solution.

At Hanley Trade Frames, we have spent years perfecting our craft and we can proudly say that we offer impeccably high quality conservatory roofs for supply and trade clients in Crewe. As a family-run business, we believe in building personal and professional relationships with our clients to design the perfect product for your project. Our conservatory roofs are pre-assembled and rigorously tested to ensure that they are in perfect condition before installation. You can enjoy total peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that the conservatory roof we supply is exactly what you need to complete your Crewe project.

warmroof conservatory roof birmingham
conservatory roof birmingham
conservatory roofs birmingham
conservatory roof Birmingham

Guardian Warm Conservatory Roofs

Guardian warm conservatory roof is a high performance insulated roof system. It consists of a pre-engineered lightweight frame, two layers of rigid insulation board, internal insulated plasterboard, exterior grade plywood, and a vapour membrane. Any debris or snow build up will simply slide into the guttering system. Homeowners are always looking for products with easy upkeep, and these roofs can be cleaned with just a hose.

Replacing the glass or polycarbonate roof with a stylish Guardian warm roof won’t just improve the look of the conservatory, it will fully insulate it and make a place that your clients will want to enjoy all year round. Guardian warm conservatory roofs are fully tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards.

Because of the solid tiles that make up the roof, sun glare within the conservatory is reduced. This is the ideal solution for Crewe homeowners seeking to reduce that greenhouse stuffiness these extensions often fall victim to. Guardian warm conservatory roofs also ensure that there is no bleaching to furniture or items in the conservatory itself. Your clients will be delighted with the boundless benefits the Guardian warm conservatory roof will bring to their installation.

Guardian Warm Roofs Crewe
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Glass Conservatory Roofs

Hanley Trade Frames is the ideal choice for glass conservatory roofs in Crewe. Glass conservatory roofs encourage plenty of light to permeate the property and bring a renewed sense of space to homes of all styles.

The glass conservatory roofs we supply to trade let natural light and warmth in, without losing or gaining too much heat. These roofs use advanced glazing to create a thermal barrier, keeping conservatories a stable temperature all year round.

Complete more roof replacement projects quicker with this easy to install roofing system. It will allow you to make the best use of time and win more business. With the rising demand for replacements to damaged, leaking or poorly insulated conservatory roofs, our clip to fit glass conservatory roofs are the ideal solution for the busy Birmingham installer.

The structural integrity of the glass conservatory roofs we supply is due to the rigorous wind testing. These roof systems have been subjected to a range of conditions to see how they will perform when exposed to certain weather conditions. For example, they have been tested to winds of up to 130mph. Glass conservatory roofs are a classic for a reason, so by incorporating high performance double glazing and weatherproofing as standard, we can supply you with the perfect conservatory roof to complete your project in Crewe.

Glass Conservatory Roofs Crewe
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Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns offer a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic to any space, as well as encouraging natural light into an otherwise solid roof. They can be fitted as part of a new extension or orangery. However, they can also be installed via retrofit onto any extension or flat roofed area. Homeowners who want to upgrade their home without building a new extension will benefit from our roof lanterns. Whether it’s for a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, our roof lanterns will satisfy customers with their many benefits.

Our roof lanterns use fewer bars and more glazing. This will allow homeowners to enjoy stunning sightlines and allows the light to be redirected to the space below. Because it can span wide areas, it’s the ideal solution for homes with lots of space.

The thermal performance has been optimised to make it suitable for extensions in residential Crewe properties. This range of roof lanterns has been tested vigorously to ensure that your customers receive nothing less than outstanding performance. The highly thermally efficient glazing options will help reduce heat loss and noise pollution, whilst allowing optimal natural light to permeate the space.

Roof Lanterns Crewe
conservatory roof birmingham

Conservatory Roof Prices Crewe

To learn more about the competitive prices available for our trade and supply customers on conservatory roofs in Crewe, try our online quoting engine today! If you have any questions or queries about our products and services, contact our helpful team of experts. You can leave us a message at any time and request a call back at your convenience via our contact form, or you can call us directly to chat with an expert at 01782 201150. We look forward to enhancing your Crewe project with a bespoke conservatory roof soon!


More Information

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Trickle Vents

The trickle vents are built into the ridge but can also be included at eaves level if required. They can be opened or closed manually, depending on the requirements of your project.

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Glazing Features

Our glass has three key features: great thermal performance (as low a U-value as possible), solar control (letting sunlight in but keeping unwanted heat out) and self cleaning.

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Top Caps

Our glass conservatory roofs range has an innovative chambered top cap included as standard. This provides structural strength, thermal efficiency and prevents unnecessary heat loss.

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Request a quote on our range of glass conservatory roofs that make a difference to homes. Although we are a trade only supplier, we have a sister company who offer the same reliable and high performance products but will also install it into residential properties.


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Glass Conservatory Roof Prices Crewe

Our online quoting engine is a great place for you to request free and bespoke glass conservatory roof prices in no time at all. Supply input the specifications of your project to submit your request. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via our online contact form, phone number or email address to speak to a member of our friendly team. We can offer you a quote or answer any questions that you may have about our roofing products. If you own a home in the Crewe area and are looking to upgrade your conservatory roof, get in touch today.


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