9 August 2023

Upgrading A Home: The Benefits of Replacing Old Windows and Doors

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Upgrading A Home: The Benefits of Replacing Old Windows and Doors

If your home has old windows and doors, it is likely to be underperforming and costing you money. Replacing your windows and doors can offer a huge array of performance and aesthetic benefits.

New technology and upgrades will ensure your home performs to the highest quality possible. Our modern windows and doors are crafted using premium materials and are double glazed as standard. This will help your customers enjoy enhanced levels of thermal efficiency, security and weatherproofing.

Here are some of the benefits of replacing old windows and doors.


Increased Energy Efficiency

One of the key benefits to replacing windows and doors is how energy efficient they are. Our installations are double glazed as standard, which will help any home in your local area better retain heat. The sealed gap between the two panes of glass is filled with argon gas. Because argon gas is viscous, it will act like a thermal barrier between the property and the outside world.


Minimised Draughts

Old windows and doors can make a home draughty because the seals have become ineffective. When the seal of the glazed windows fails to work correctly, the argon will escape from the panels. This will cause draughts and a home’s energy efficiency will be hugely reduced. A broken seal can seep between the panes and cause condensation.

Condensation will often lead to the growth of mould and mildew because of the moisture present in a property. Prolonged exposure to high levels of condensation can cause health issues like asthma.


Low Maintenance

Another benefit of replacing old windows and doors is that homeowners will spend less time, money and energy to keep them looking as good as new. Both uPVC and aluminium profiles needs minimal maintenance to stay looking fresh and tidy. This is unlike traditional timber, that is prone to warping, bowing and breaking in adverse weather conditions.

Homeowners need to simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to ensure these windows and doors stay looking as good as the day installed into a building.


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Add Kerb Appeal

We don’t believe your customers should have to choose between form and function. That is why we can adapt our profiles to your current architecture, existing double glazing and personal preferences.

Choose from our broad array of window styles, materials, colours and hardware to find the perfect look for your home improvement project. Both our uPVC and aluminium installation offer a huge variety of choices.

Should your customer sell your home in the future, having modern windows and doors will help boost market value. Replacing old double glazing is sure to appeal to buyers, who are always looking for ways to enjoy a comfortable and energy efficient home.


Smooth Operation

If your home has old windows and doors, you may have noticed that they have become increasingly difficult to open and close. This may cause security issues as well as lowering your building’s energy efficiency.

Investing in modern window and door replacements will help keep your property safe, secure and performing to a contemporary standard. Gone are the days of your windows and doors becoming sticky and difficult to operate.


Improved Soundproofing

If your customer live near a busy road, in a built up area or want to block out the noisy of your neighbours, replacing your double glazing can bring you peace and privacy. External noises can be very disruptive, especially if a homeowner works from home.

Replacing old windows or doors with double or triple glazing can hugely reduce the outside noise transmission into a building. In some cases, depending on the glazing chosen and the location of your installation, homeowners can benefit from a noise reduction of up to 90% when replacing windows and doors.

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Keep Your Furniture Safe

UV rays from the sun can flood a room with light but it can be damaging. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can contribute to furniture and curtains fading over time. It can also be damaging to artwork and photographs. Modern double glazed windows and doors work to reduce the amount of UV light that enters a room and helps to reduce furniture fading.


Improved Security

Inefficient windows and doors can be a weak point to be exploited by unwanted intruders. All our replacement windows and doors offer state of the art security features, such as multipoint hook locking systems, anti bump, pick and snap locks.


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