22 October 2020

Ten Benefits of Sliding Doors


Ten Benefits of Sliding Doors

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When it comes to protecting a home with new a new set of doors, look no further than our range of patio and bifold doors.

Here are ten benefits of choosing sliding doors for Staffordshire homes

  1. Seamless Transition

Enjoy warm summers entertaining guests by opening your sliding doors open wide. They make an effortless transition between the inside and outside. They are especially ideal for homes with a decking or a patio area.

2. Natural light

With the amount of glass on show, a stunning amount of natural light will flood your Stoke on Trent home. This will save homeowners on energy bills as they will use artificial light and central heating far less3.Easy to use

Our bifold and patio doors are easy to use. They open and close effortlessly, ideal for homeowners with mobility issues. We craft our doors from high grade materials that don’t jar or get stick over time.

4. Handy

Due to them having an opening of around 75%, sliding doors are great when moving around large furniture or other bulky objects

5. Space saving

Rather than swinging open, sliding doors simply glide. This means you can enjoy the whole of your room and add more furniture to a space

6. More views

Sliding doors allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy uninterrupted views of a garden. For parents, this will allow them to keep an eye on their family without leaving their sofa

7. Spacious

The cleverly placed glass of the sliding doors in our range can make a room feel bigger. Letting more natural light flood a space will give it the illusion of being bigger than it is.

8. Attractive

Sliding doors are an elegant addition to any style of Staffordshire home. All our doors provide a sleek, unobtrusive way of getting in and out, and look great when closed, too.

9. Insulated

Available with energy efficient glazing, patio and bifold aren’t just able to prevent heat gain and loss, but they can also offer superior levels of acoustic insulation.

10. Secure

It’s important not to be fooled by how much glass there is on sliding doors – all our sliding doors are fitted with durable glazing, multipoint locking features and accreditations to ensure they meet British safety standards.

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