9 August 2023

Maximizing Energy Efficiency: How Replacement Windows and Doors Can Lower Your Utility Bills

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Maximizing Energy Efficiency: How Replacement Windows and Doors Can Lower Your Utility Bills

With over 25 years of experience, Hanley Trade Frames is one of the longest serving businesses in the industry within the Staffordshire area. We offer high quality windows and doors which are created using premium materials and modern manufacturing techniques.

We offer an array of different styles of windows which have been created with energy efficiency in mind. Our entire range of windows are guaranteed to boast an A or C energy efficiency rating, which is accredited by the BFRC scheme.


Benefits Of Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

The performance of a home’s window or a door can hugely affect the energy efficiency of a building. Around 30% of your heating and cooling can leave escape through out of date profiles, compromising on the comfort of a property.

With so much energy being lost through inefficient windows and doors, it can be expensive and cause your energy bills to rise. Replacing windows and doors can hugely improve a space’s thermal performance, leading to lower energy bills.

An energy efficient window or door works in four key areas. First, it reduces the amount of heat escaping through the panes and maximises the solar radiator. Replacing your windows and doors can reduce the glare from UV rays, minimise external noises and improve insulation.


How Do Energy Efficient Windows Work?

Energy efficient glazing technology can turn solar energy into heating and cooling through state of the art insulation. Window efficiency is judged by the U-value, which measures heat flow.

A u-value is a measure of how easily heat passes through a material, but it is not a complete measure of how efficient a window is. The overall label rating will give you a better indication of the window’s energy saving potential.

In the warmer summer months, the heat will stay on the outside and help you maintain a cool space. In winter, the warmth from your central heating will not escape through the profile. These designs will also use the sun’s natural power to offer a bright space.


Energy Efficient Window And Door Materials

Our range of energy efficient windows and doors come in a range of framework materials and styles. We offer composite doors as well as replacement windows and doors crafted from high grade uPVC and aluminium.

Our replacement windows and doors are double glazed as standard but we also offer triple glazing upgrades, to further enhance the energy efficiency. The two or three glass panes fitted into the profile are sealed in a single unit, surrounded by high grade framework. The gaps between the glass panes are filled with air, or an inert gas such as argon. This will stop heat passing through your glazing.

If you are replacing single glazed windows and doors, our double glazed solutions can provide eight times more insulation. Double or triple glazed replacements will help a space retain heat, minimising your reliance on your central heating.

Choosing double glazing or triple glazing will increase the energy efficiency of your replacement window or door, reducing heat loss in the winter month and your annual energy bills.


Energy Efficient Designs

All our replacement windows and doors are crafted with energy efficient features. The spacer bars installed in all our uPVC casement windows minimise draughts and eliminate condensation.

Many of our windows and doors also feature a multi functional weatherseal. This high quality weatherseal is welded at the corner, offering a premium seal. This state of the art design will help homes stay insulated no matter the weather outside.


Window Energy Ratings: A, B, C Rated

When looking for replacement window or door, you may see A, B or C ratings. An A-rated window is more efficient than a B rated profile, and a C rated installation is even lower. A higher rated window is an environmentally friendly solution that can help minimise energy bills.

Energy ratings are one of the most important aspects of choosing a window because they dictate the energy efficiency and savings. Highly rated thermally efficient windows can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 15%.


Replacement Window and Door Prices

When you choose Hanley Trade Frames, you can enjoy energy efficient replacement windows and doors. We work with leading manufacturers in the industry, allowing us to help you upgrade residential and commercial properties.

Use our free online quoting engine to get an accurate price tailored to your window and door installation project. It’s easy to use, works on all devices and comes with no obligation to purchase.

We value and treat every business or customer who uses us as an individual, each with their own personal requirements. We tailor all our products and services to your requirements.

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